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Re: American Horror Story Discussion (Spoilers)

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The kid's a ghost baby, they're all dead, the Harmons haven't solved any of their issues that they had at the beginning, unless the message is that death solves everything. Wow, lazy.
I disagree. They did tell a complete story, as I saw it.

The family was broken, and they moved to Los Angeles to try and repair it. And they did. The scene at the Christmas tree was the closure. They found their love for each other again. They all just had to die to figure it out.

They worked together to save the new family, and agreed they would continue doing so. They are not bitter or lost (like poor Nora).

Now of course it's not all wrapped up, and there are things to think about and speculate about (like the Damien kid, or Hayden's presence). Death doesn't solve everything, but it does put everything into perspective.

Overall, I say it was a fun, creepy season. I am not sure about the future direction. It sounds very odd to me. But then again, I'm already on the bandwagon. Might as well go for the whole ride.
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