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Re: American Horror Story Discussion (Spoilers)

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I can't see S2 taking place in an alley!
You're funny!
No, I was pointing out that you mentioned the Tour of Eternal Darkness was about houses when it isn't.

They could continue the Constance storyline easily by having part of the next storyline, or even most of the next storyline, about a young Constance intercut with current Constance and how things tie together there.

Maybe we get a peek into the Manson Family murders or Hillside Stranglers as part of the next story, or some other neat twist like The Grim Sleeper or The Night Stalker as backdrop stories to tie into the main story like The Black Dahlia did.

Sal Mineo was mentioned simply due to the fact that he was on the tour and not a house location; but the plotline didn't go anywhere with that except maybe as a possible seed for the next Season?

There really are many ways for them to go. Considering how it is next to impossible to keep spoilers from the internet, we'll have more to consider after they begin casting.
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