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I get that the Vulcans in Enterprise were suppose to be not quite as enlightened as they claimed, and certainly a less open and accepting people than they later became.

But, in the 24th century, how is Captain Solok's attitude in "Take Me Out to the Holosuite" even remotely acceptable? Heck, even today, someone who wrote numerous papers about the inferiority of another race would be marginalized and seen as a joke. But Solok, who almost makes the xenophobic Cardassians look accepting, can do all the things Sisko described from their past and then, as a captain, bait a fellow officer with racist insults ... and it's accepted?

You'd think Starfleet would have rules about that sort of thing.
With ya. I'm glad DS9 didn't include much: Vulcans and Borg.

I hate both. Every time Nero destroys Vulcan, I LOL.
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