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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

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since despite the reviews, Spirit Walk was a strong seller.
As I said above.
No, you said it was an "okay" seller.

Okay, but it might have been a hard sell. And did I say "brought back"? Not my quote.
You said that if not for Janeway's death, the VGR relaunch might never have continued. That is completely wrong. It was already in the works at the time. There was never any ambivalence within Pocket about continuing the relaunch. It was a consistent seller and they had every intention of continuing it. It wasn't delayed because it was a "hard sell," but just the opposite -- it sold so well that Pocket considered it a particularly valuable commodity, so when the author and editor changed, they decided it was important to take the time to make sure they got it right.

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So Beyer was brought in to revitalize VOY prior to the formulation of Before Dishonor?
Unless my memory is really screwed up, yes. I recall that when I first (?) met Kirsten at Shore Leave, which I think was in 2007, she told me that she and Marco were in the process of developing the new direction for the VGR books. Although that was actually while Before Dishonor was being written, if I've got the year right. It might've been 2006, but I'm not sure if Kirsten was there that year.

Was sending Voyager back to the DQ and giving her a fleet always the idea?
You'd have to ask Kirsten, but I do think that had already been decided on at that point.

Prior to Before Dishonor and "the gap", had Voyager become Golden's territory among the writing community and then she was basically told, "You're done. We're bringing in someone else"?
My understanding is that Golden shifted her attention to other, non-Trek projects. Perhaps that was because her editor, John Ordover, had left Pocket by that point. (Ordover edited Golden's first post-finale duology, and when he left, Jennifer Heddle took over and edited Spirit Walk, which I believe was her only Trek editorial work.)

Did Clark want to revitalize Voyager or was that the idea of Marco and Kirsten?
After Spirit Walk, Marco took over as the editor and began developing a new direction with Kirsten. Margaret Clark had no involvement in the process until later, when Marco was laid off and she inherited all his projects (including Unworthy, which was in progress at the time). And again, you'd have to ask Kirsten about the specifics of their creative process. All I know about it is what I've gleaned secondhand from Kirsten.
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