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Re: Racist Vulcans

That ship in "Take Me Out to the Halosuite" did not have an all-Vulcan crew. It had an all-Vulcan senior staff.

Still - it must have been a tough ship to serve on for a non-Vulcan.

But I agree with the earlier poster. That Vulcan captaion was not "racist", he was either "chauvanist" or "jingoist".

He believed Vulcans - because of their ability to suppress their emotions and survive on logic alone - would perform all things superior to other humanoids.

Let's not forget the humans (and the Klingon and the Bajoran) on the DS9 Sr. staff all think they are superior to the Ferengis. The only humanoid among the Sr. staff on DS9 that doesn't feel that way and treats the Ferengis as equal is the Trill (Dax).
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