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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

All I can say is that the fun beings! The Jem'Hadar and The Search rather nicely sets things up, but folks you'll find that season 3 flounders a bit half way through, and it is only saved by one episode The Die is Cast. Not giving away spoilers but it develops upon everything that The Jem'Hadar and The Search explored and revealed.

The three most crucial episodes of DS9, that make it so awesome in terms of the general plot have to be The Jem'Hadar, The Die is Cast and The Way of the Warrior. Without those episodes DS9 would have been dead by season 3, and definitely by season 4.

This may sound odd, but though The Jem'Hadar finally showed us the Dominion, it was The Die is Cast that was the real big step. The Jem'Hadar brought us the Dominion and the threat it poses. But The Die is Cast showed us some of the consequences to the Alpha Quadrant, plus started the chain of events that lead to what was inevitable... WAR!
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