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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Eris: You have no idea what's begun here.
Ah, Eris. Shame we never saw her again. Yes, her telekinetic powers don't make much sense given what we've seen of other Vorta (not to mention the fact that she did nothing to acknowledge Odo as a Founder), but you can always fanwank that kind of stuff away. Definitely a great episode, and the end of DS9's pre-Dominion era. I really loved the build-up to the full Dominion reveal. We get whispers about them here and there - the first mention being in a relatively insignificant Ferengi-centric episode (I always loved that) - and then an episode like this, which reveals much more, but how much of what we learn is true? We'll find out next season! At the time, I could hardly wait.
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