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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

102. Revenge of the Ninja: D
103. Lonesome Dove: A
104. Black Swan: B
105. Westworld: B
106. Fireproof: A-
107. Mission Impossible(4):Ghost Protocol: A
108. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: A

MI:4 - Really good film. I've seen the bulk of the film twice now. As mentioned in another thread I enjoyed there being much more spying and espionage going on in this film. It's been so long since I saw the first I don't recall where I'd rank it but this one and pt.3 are close. I hope this does well enough to merit all the talk of doing a fifth one.

Girl/Tattoo - I never read the book(s) so I went into this knowing nothing. Was taken back at the 2hr40min run time but still had to see what merited that. The movie took about an hour for Michael(Craig) and Lisbeth(Mara) to even meet. Also the rape scene was very disturbing. A couple two rows up must not have known it was coming either, like me, they got up and left. The film did feel it was taking forever to up the pace until Michael's daughter visits and upon her departure tells him to "go easy on the Catholics". That one surprise revelation sets the movie on a faster pace. I will say I had suspected that
Thought that the 15min of epilogue was overdone. Maybe something in there ties to the next book but since I don't know I felt I was watching another movie start when Lisbeth goes into blonde embezzler mode. Also, and it may be because Craig is Bond, but the opening title sequence felt very pre-Craig Bond like. What with the oil covered withering bodies. Oh, and when Lisbeth gets her revenge on the rapist pig my audience actually had a few people applaud. Outside of comic films or Pirate films I see interaction like that rarely.
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