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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I dunno why but Tribunal always seems like a filler episode to me. The Collaborator was great, and then we have The Jem'Hadar and then the whole tone of DS9 changes. It's like DS9 loses a lot of that TNG innocence. Don't get me wrong, Tribunal was good, but in the face of the next episode, it (Tribunal) lacks a certain punch and drive to it.

One problem with this episode is the plot ending; the Cardassians have been caught redhanded trying to scupper the treaty between them and the Federation. The Federation could use that as leverage against those spoonheads, and make alterations to the treaty. Hell they could even ask for the Volon colonies back, and threaten the Cardassians that war is not to the Cardassian Union's advantage. If that had happened, then the Maquis would have disbanded.

But the Federation seem to be rather lazy buggers, and they passed up an opportunity to do what they do best; talk and bluster for diplomatic advantage...
I think that goes along with something SFDebris said in his reviews of The Maquis - the Federation seems intent on preserving the peace with the Cardassians at any cost, even when it means they deliberately shoot themselves in the foot. I agree, however, that it makes no sense from an in-universe perspective.
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