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In 1991, a group of dedicated fans created one of the longest running Play-By-Email Star Trek RPG clubs. Twenty years later, we carry on Gene Roddenberry's story-telling legacy. Welcome to ASR!

Our strong veteran membership leads nearly 100 players across 17 units in three distinct timelines. We offer loads of writing talent, hilarious back-room banter, and the promise of fun memories for years to come. Join us for the ongoing journey.

The Three Universes of ASR
PRIME - Set 50 some years beyond TNG, DS9, and Voyager, the legend continues. Here, the next adventure is being written by a new fleet. See the Prime trailer at:

ORIGINS - Four years after Nero's attack on Vulcan, nothing is the same except for the mission. Explore with us the re-imagined Original Series universe. Watch the Origins trailer at:

BEYOND - There is a place deep in time, beyond the last Enterprise and beyond all charted space. It is a realm unexplored: a galaxy untouched. This is ASR Beyond where in the 28th Century the adventure reaches the shores of the distant Bode Galaxy, M81. Enjoy the Beyond trailer at:

To answer the call, send an email to

You can visit our portal website at:
The main club wiki page is at:

Post archives may be enjoyed at:

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Brian V. Mansur
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