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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Just watched another two episodes.

Lifesigns: This episode developed the Doctor's love life, showed us a different side of the Vidians, and it set up Tom Paris' leaving Voyager in the next episode. All in all this was a fine episode, although it did drag at times.
I thought it was one of the finest romantic episodes Trek has ever done. There was so much depth to the story. On one hand we had a tragic figure in Denara resigned to an early death and social pariah status and on the other, a new kind of life discovering what it means to love.
I don't see how they could have done it any better, 5/10 seems so harsh for an episode was pretty much the best it could be.

8/10: This is the first episode to get an 8 from me, making it the second best episode of Voyager so far, behind Alliances which I gave a 9.
You sure do seem to be a fan of the Kazons/arcs...don't get too attached

RE: "The First Duty" debate. I'd hate to be friends with any of you lot! Willing to throw your friends under the bus just to soothe your conscience, absolutely frightening.
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