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Re: La-La Land Records Releasing a 3-CD Set of TNG Scores at Comic-Con

I was extremely excited about this release, I absolutely didn't expect any TNG music to be released anymore, already Ron Jones' set surprised me a lot. While I think that this set features some of TNG's best, my favorites being Haven, The Child, Time Squared, Conundrum, The Survivors, Silicon Avatar, Darmok, Remember Me, Face of the Enemy and The Pegasus, I agree that the selection overall is not particularly good. For example Hide and Q and Conspiracy are fantastic scores but in my opinion they selected the wrong parts of the episodes. Hide and Q for instance would have had a fantastic dramatic opening sequence, and Conspiracy's best music was in the first part of the episode after Picard decides to take the detour to Dytallix or when they find the debris of the destroyed ship. The music they chose to release for Conspiracy was very effective in the episode but is simply not "nice" enough to listen to often. Also, instead of featuring 3 different versions of the Waltz in The Survivors, they should have released one more or all 3 of the ship attack sequences, some of McCarthy's best action music ever. Other episodes I think would deserve a release would be The Arsenal of Freedom, Peak Performance, The Hunted, The Wounded, Redemption, Power Play, among others. I agree with many others who posted here that the choices on disc 2 were surprising, indeed half of Chattaway's scores featured are some of his most uninteresting like Starship Mine and I Borg, there's simply no excitement whatsoever. While I think that Fred Steiner's Code of Honor is interesting, I also think that his music was not suitable for TNG, too old fashioned. I loved Debney's Pegasus score. While it resembles McCarthy's scores a lot it's somehow more melodic, it just feels like something new. I remember when I first watched the Pegasus I thought this was McCarthy's score, but I was confused because I noticed that it's somehow different.
I really hope that more TNG releases will follow especially from the earlier seasons but I imagine that this is very unlikely, unless one of the composers releases an album of their own. I still hope to this day that some of McCarthy's music from the MacGyver series will be released as it was very similar to his earlier Star Trek work but less restrained and more thematic. It's actually very interesting to listen to MacGyver and Star Trek episodes which were aired around the same time and compare McCarthy's scores for these episodes. I think his best time was around the beginning of season 3 TNG (The Survivors and The Hunted), around the same time he scored his best MacGyver score The Legend of the Holy Rose (season 5 cliffhanger), which should be released for sure, every minute of it.
Nevertheless, a huge thanks to the producers of this album, I love listening to it despite some of the downfalls I mentioned above.
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