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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

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Nowhere does this say that you do not write female characters well. None of this has been directed at you.
Then what are you saying? You make this broad generalization about "female characters getting the short end of the stick," but you've only cited two specifics, Janeway and Kira, both of which have been explained (and both of whose major life changes result from decisions made by a female editor). You won't give any further specifics to explain just what the hell it is you imagine you're seeing, so how are we supposed to respond?

How often has it been seriously considered to permanantly kill Picard? Or Sisko? Or Riker? Or Archer?
Again, just because the decision was made to kill Janeway, that doesn't mean it's because she's a woman. One single, isolated instance is not evidence of a pattern. The distinction you're commenting on here is meaningless unless you can demonstrate a pattern of killing off female characters. With only one instance, you can't prove it's anything more than the luck of the draw.

Now, let's do this methodically for a change. Instead of cherrypicking, let's take a look at all the evidence. This thread deals with canonical characters who've been killed off in Trek Lit. Updating to the present day, concentrating only on more-or-less major characters who've died in the main book continuity, and leaving out Mirror Universe characters (except one whose death was a major plot point in a main-timeline DS9 novel), the list includes:

I count 9 male and 5 female casualties out of the significant canonical characters (some more significant in prose than onscreen) killed in the main Trek Lit continuity. Add in the more minor characters mentioned in that thread, and they split about evenly male and female. Other books that aren't (necessarily?) in the main continuity have killed off McCoy, T'Pau, Garrovick, and Mark Piper -- again, mostly men.

All told, a comfortable majority of the canonical characters killed off in Trek Lit have been male. Not that it matters, of course. We don't choose to kill characters based on their sex, but based on whether it serves the story. Nobody's trying to stock their refrigerators here.
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