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ENT Series updates


I write ENT fan fic, mainly (although I write other stuff as well, and I branch out quite a bit).

Anyway, this is where I'll post updates so that, if you like what you read, you need not go hunting around for 'em. This first post will be updated as I go (I can do that, yes? -- apparently I can't edit this post forever, so I will add but I am trying to make it so that you don't have to hunt around) so that you can see the timeline, even if I write stuff out of order.

The first, main ENT series that I write is called In Between Days. It covers (more or less) the time period between the last of the Terra Prime and MU episodes and TATV (yeah, I deal with TATV). There is a gaping hole in between, where no one really knows what happened.

I welcome constructive feedback and I thank you for reading.

These are the In Between Days.
The Light takes place from November 30 - December 1 of 2156, and features the four Jewish crew members of the NX-01. Happy Chanukah from space! Rated G
Oh, Stewardess! I speak Jive! (fanfic with all ratings). Author of Untrustworthy
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