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Re: American Horror Story Discussion (Spoilers)

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They've written themselves into a corner with those particular characters. That's why they need to switch locations. And I think the switch will be more radical than just moving to another house on the tour route
They tied in The Black Dahlia to The Murder House.
Sal Mineo was also on the Tour of Eternal Darkness. (Serial Killing/True Crime Story as per your quote?)
Neither were "houses", just stops along the tour of departed souls.

What else and who else is on the tour? And would they tie in or not? Maybe some will, maybe some won't. Maybe only parts of next Season's story will lead back to The Murder House as Black Dahlia did; seemingly ephemeral in nature. If they did, then you can have occasional returning characters from Season 1.

Although I found the comment about some Season 1 actors playing different roles in Season 2 curious.
Truly doomed souls. Pre-incarnations?

All fun speculation.

Yay! No vampires. Frankenbabies!
Next stop on the Tour of Eternal Darkness... The Munster's House.
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