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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

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Why couldn't Janeway have changed her mind about going back to delta and decided to be the Fleet Admiral?
That event would not have gained sufficient free word of mouth, whether such a story was well written or a turgid piece of crap. Kirk took up the admiralty twice. Picard has turned it down just as often. Deja vu.

Sisko couldn't have gone back to work without going through a divorce.
He has divorced Kassidy? Now I'm very intrigued!

So yeah, that works for me. The book goes higher on my "To Read" pile.

However, I think out is silly to say these characters can't have amazing stories and careers while either having happy family lives or desk jobs.
No one is saying that, but if the cumulative effect - if every ST novel guarantees that all the main characters stay happy and healthy and satisfied at the end of every story - then the books stretch their credibility, ongoing arcs become disjointed, and readers start to drop by the wayside. Especially when there is no current canonical parent show to keep the line buoyant.

For example, take Clive Cussler's protagonist Dirk Pitt. Most of those books had him in a job that put him in the center of the action while meeting new loves and occasionally watching them die. Now Pitt is married with kids and a government desk job. However, he still leaves his desk in assignments and has adventures just as good as in Cussler's earlier works. A desk and a family is not the death of a character's ability to be compelling, have adventures, and generate emotion from readers. Cussler and Pitt have proved that.
Who has time to read novels without Star Trek on the cover?

And whatever will you do if/when Dirk Pitt gets killed off?

I take it that some books have him at near-death. If you know he's always gonna make it, eventually you tire of that mysterious lucky charm he must carry in his pocket, and begin to hope that one day his luck will run out.

If Janeway was given exactly such a guaranteed charmed life, I wonder if we'd have the Janeway diehards complaining that Pocket had wrapped a great female character in cotton wool, had promoted her to a position of relative safety, and were giving her special treatment instead of treating her as a equal to her male counterparts.

In life there are times where we zigged where we could have zagged. No matter how great our life is, who's to say it couldn't be better or equally as good if we didn't take a different turn in the fork. Take the hand your dealt and make the best you can with it, but don't think you couldn't have had a better hand to work with. Most of the time that isn't true.
The only way to prove this is for Margaret Clark to slingshot 'round the sun. And then we'd never know she'd done it anyway.
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