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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

I definitely can't see any systematic favoritism, but I think the handling of the two non-white and non-male flagship characters of the franchise have been thoroughly mishandled in lit. The franchise was not shy about exploiting their casting choices at the time and fans latched on and connected with them.

I don't think there was any racism or sexism present in either RBoE or Before Dishonor because just about every character in those 'books' got short shrift. They were both wretchedly written in my opinion, but RBoE hits me where I live so to speak and there is still a bad net result.

These are characters in a pie in the sky 24th century, but they are characters created for 20th & 21st century audiences. The flagship characters who connected with parts of the audience had to wait till the 90s to see an empowered captain character like themselves and these two books have ended up pulling the rug out from under those parts of the audience as they face 21st century issues.
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