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Maybe when Bareil dropped out it was taken as a hint from the Prophets that Bareil's platform wasn't the "correct" one at present, even if his supporters wanted it to be?
That's a good explanation, but I guess I wanted something like that in the episode itself. Certain things in stories are meant to be ambiguous and debated by fans, but in this case I feel like as if they rushed the conclusion in order to make Winn the Kai without bothering to explain it properly.

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I reject your alphabet and substitute my own.
I didn't know that the Americans invented the English alphabet.

Tribunal (****)

O'Brien hasn't had the best year, has he? First he nearly died from that toxic combine harvester, then he was kidnapped and had his personality transferred into a murderous replicant, and worst of all is that he became friends with Dr Bashir. He finally decided to take a holiday, his first in five years, and he ended up abducted by a foreign government, stripped naked, had his tooth pulled out, and was then sentenced to execution. He must have done something really bad in a past life to deserve all this.

I enjoyed this episode for the pageantry of the Cardassian legal system, which is fitting as that's all that the Cardassian legal system is, a pageant. This isn't a trial, it's a show aimed at the Cardassians people, rather like Judge Judy or Mock Trial with J Reinhold. Justice doesn't matter, at no point do any of the Cardassians involved in the trial appeal to O'Brien's sense of justice, all they care about is obedience and service to the state, an emotional appeal that was hardly going to work on O'Brien. No, the trial doesn't matter, O'Brien is guilty, and nothing he or Odo can say will change anything. I especially liked Conservator Kovat. At the beginning you feel that he may be an honest lawyer that has been broken by the system but will stand up for justice in the end, sort of like that Klingon lawyer in Enterprise, but I liked that he didn't really give a crap and was perfectly happy working within the system he believed in.

The plot of the episode doesn't really matter, we always knew that O'Brien was innocent and would end up being freed by the end of the episode. It's nice that the Maquis have come back into play once again, and the resolution to the trial was rushed and something of a deus ex machina, but those things don't really impact my enjoyment of the episode. When you get down to it, the core of this episode isn't even the trial but the Cardassian mindset, with everything from the language used at the trial down to the gloomy lighting in the courtroom reflecting their personalities. It's a strange form of style over substance that works because of how intriguing the Cardassians are and how the episode continues to develop their race.

And let's not forget the best part of this episode; another delicious peek at O'Brien's flabby moobs.
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