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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finished up Attack of the Clones. JD, I heartily agree, the extra material with all of the families really pushed that one over the top. Scenes like that are what I used to read novelizations for.

I started The Future of Us, and so far it's been a really fun read. Turns out it's a YA book so I'm going through it fairly quickly, but I think that might also be because it's a great wish fulfillment story for me. As I mentioned earlier, it's about two teenagers who install AOL for the first time in 1996, but find themselves looking at their 2011 Facebook pages when they log in. I remember when I completed my Trek DVD collection, and thinking "Wow, I'd love to show this to my 12-year-old self." (For reference, at 12 I was eagerly awaiting the release of Wrath of Khan.) This book really plays in to that feeling.

Next on deck is Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions!

And I agree with everyone, great title for the new thread. It took a second for it to click, and made me literally lol when it did.
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