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Re: Prometheus: Ridley Scott returns to Sci-Fi

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Event Horizon is a superb film (show's what Anderson can do and it's a shame the production was rushed) Sunshine is interesting but Danny Boyle doing what he often does, lifting various bits from other films and slapping them together (hence why a very realistic sci-fi films suddeny becomes Event Horizon in the last 15 minutes...)
Agreed on all counts. It's a pity that both films (especially Sunshine) didn't know how to resolve themselves in the final act and decided to become generic slasher flicks. I was very disappointed in regards to Sunshine because I'm a big fan of Boyle's.
Yeah, though in EV's case I suspect if they'd had the time it might have been something more. Then again you could argue that that's all Alien comes down to in the end, an unstoppable killer picking off people one by one till the plucky heroin finishes it off.
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