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Re: Hurt / Heal - Voyager Episodes

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@Biffette - just curious, but what don't you like about Faces?
Agree. I think it`s not a bad episode.

To CoffeeAddict
I`m just curious, what don't you like about Unity? It`s one of my fav episodes.
Something about the end just rubs me the wrong way. Klingon B'Elanna dies and poof, B'Elanna is just fine with some artificial Klingon blood proteins or whatever? If that's the case, then why does she bother getting the reconstructive surgery on her forehead? I thought she didn't even like her Klingon self. Or maybe it grows back because of the DNA the doctor adds. Is that also what changes her personality back? I, I just can't stand it and I know my strong reaction is weird and inconsistent because Trek plays fast and loose with this stuff all the time in lots of episodes and I don't even have a problem with her getting split into two separate people, I think it has something to do with instead of them rigging a transporter recombine or something they actually kill her off and then introduce generic Klingon DNA to her system to keep her alive. My least favorite episode.

**breathes deeply and relaxes**
I see your points. Thanks, but I can`t believe that this episode can be someone`s " least favorite episode" !!!
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