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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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If this is your reasoning, why not watch anything else that is generally considered 'entertaining'? Why star trek? I don't get it. Especially if its 'insular' fan base annoys most of you.
I don't watch Star Trek because the masses tell me it's entertaining. I watch Star Trek because I find it entertaining. Why do YOU watch Star Trek?

TV and movies are meant to entertain. Entertainment is entirely subjective. Different people are entertained by different things. If a TV show also happens to teach morals or life lessons, great, but that's not the reason I watch them.

Star Trek is just a TV show. You seem intent on elevating into something more. Just because you get more out of it doesn't make it anything other than a TV show.
If your view of it is this simplistic, what are you here to discuss? Anything?
Honestly, I'm wondering what exactly you are here to discuss. You started a thread constructed out of fallacious arguments formed solely from opinion, seemingly tailored specifically to piss people off as you also leave no room for disagreement and start everything off with an imaginary label of 'real' Trek fans. Your stance seems to be a rather self-righteous "I'm right and everyone who disagrees are fake Trek fans who are too stupid to understand real sci-fi." Even when people point out the flaws in your reasoning, you continue to argue with more opinion-based arguments. When that doesn't work you fall back to throwing out red herrings that muddle up this pointless debate even further.

What are you here to discuss? Because so far I haven't seen you 'discuss' anything.
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