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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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These things can be had in numerous ways, you can go to a general movie forum for this, a general music forum for this, a general entertainment forum for this. Why star trek?
Because we like Star Trek. What is so complicated about this?
It's complicated because there is an apparent delineation between the 'insular' fans and those of who who simple 'like' it with no apparent explanation.

There is no such delineation between people who watch the majority of sitcoms. Obviously in order for such a delineation to subsist the medium must be presenting something to forge the separation between you and I.

Not as simple as you seem to be painting it.
Seriously? There has to be a reason?

Why are you so hellbent on defining who should or shouldn't be a fan? Do you not want the unclean, dumber masses enjoying your TV show?

It's a TV show. It's there for entertainment. And as luck would have it, it entertains many of us here. Stop overthinking this, cupcake.
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