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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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We love Star Trek. Making Star Trek popular again means we get more Star Trek.

Star Trek is not intended for anything other than entertainment. I don't care if people make money from it or not. If I get more to watch, I win.
If this is your reasoning, why not watch anything else that is generally considered 'entertaining'? Why star trek? I don't get it. Especially if its 'insular' fan base annoys most of you.
I don't watch Star Trek because the masses tell me it's entertaining. I watch Star Trek because I find it entertaining. Why do YOU watch Star Trek?

TV and movies are meant to entertain. Entertainment is entirely subjective. Different people are entertained by different things. If a TV show also happens to teach morals or life lessons, great, but that's not the reason I watch them.

Star Trek is just a TV show. You seem intent on elevating into something more. Just because you get more out of it doesn't make it anything other than a TV show.
If your view of it is this simplistic, what are you here to discuss? Anything?
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