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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

No one has said that there aren't folks out there that hated the new movie. There are plenty of them. But there's plenty of folks who loved it too, including people who liked Star Trek before 2009 (I guess the correct term for them would be ex-Trekkies, since they gave up the right to be fans after falling for that disaster of a movie). But you're acting like the opinions of those who didn't like the movie supercede the opinions of those who did like it. It's not good enough for you that you didn't like it and others did- the whole world needs to know why the folks who did like it are wrong!

Now... I'm not going to go through your last attempt at a response to me point-by-point because you've filled it with a bunch of unsupportable crap that's impossible to prove, so I'm just going to respond with this:

You say that this is all about determining what is or isn't "Real Trek". Who are you to say this isn't "Real Trek"? In fact, I would go so far to say that by getting up on the big screen and by getting support from previous Star Trek related folks, you've been overruled. The important people (the ones involved with Trek, currently and previously) seem to have decided that Trek 09 is Real Trek. There is no point in discussing whether or not this is Real Trek because that's been decided for you, whether you like it or not. I guess the only real remaining point of discussion now is how far the fandom has fallen since 2009.

And you keep claiming that Star Trek was never about the money.... don't kid yourself. These folks (old and new) aren't doing this stuff for the betterment of humanity. They're doing it to make a dime. There are plenty of movies or shows that give off a good message once in a while, but that wasn't why they were made. Do you really think Rodenberry would have tried to start Trek back up after it was canceled for the first time if it didn't get popular in syndication? It was never about, "I must get the message out to the people!!".
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