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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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Unbearable to people with short attention spans who need an explosion every 10 minutes to maintain interest.
Says the person who thinks that Nemesis determines whether someone is a real Trek fan or not. That movie was nothing but explosions and pointless battles. Case in point; that ridiculous dune buggy chase scene.
In reality the film was about 25 minutes of action, the rest was exposition, character development and plot movement.

Star trek 2009 on the other hand, was the complete opposite. It seems to me that 'character scenes' if we can call this pitiable attempt at acting, character scenes, were gap fillers between the films real motivation, action, explosions and retarded humor that wasn't funny at all.
"pitiable attempt at acting, character scenes, were gap fillers between the films real motivation, action, explosions and retarded humor that wasn't funny at all."

Wow, that describes Nemesis to a T.

Character development? What character development? Unless character regression counts, where we see Picard engage in a pointless dune buggy race. Troi still the most useless character on the ship, her sad attempt at being a functional crewmember resulting from a vile psychic rape scene (again, another pointless scene). Oh, and Picard decides to beam over to Shinzon's ship personally because "it's something he has to do." Not because it's the most logical decision, no Picard makes a stupid decision based on a stupid reason.

It reminds me of Firefly, when Mal had been captured and tortured by Niska, and was fighting Niska's heavy. Zoe and Co. come up and see the badly injured captain fighting for his life, and Zoe tells the crew to back off because this is 'something the captain has to do.' Mal immediately shouts, "No, it's not." So Zoe shoots the heavy...because that was the sensible thing to do.

Plot movement; the plot plods along with Shinzon shitting around for no reason. Supposedly this guy has a deadline for medical reasons, but decides to invite Picard over for a face-off, then has dinner, then farts around some more for no reason. Because he has all the time in the world

All of the actors looked as if they were tired of making Trek films. The movie was filled with plot holes (like I'm supposed to expect that a slave caste of mutants who spend their entire lives mining can build the most advanced warship with a perfect cloak, along with a doomsday device, and no one suspects a thing...what did they build this thing out of, rocks? And if they were shipping in mass amounts of expensive materials where did they get the money? And how did the rest of the Romulans not notice?). And I love the cop-out at the end. Like, they didn't even have the balls to kill of Data for good. No, we get a loose thread at the end that insinuates that someday, Data will be back. So maybe that's your character development right there. Data blows himself up and is reincarnated.
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