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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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horatio83 is another who needs to read Inside Star Trek. It counters alot of the spin GR produced over the years.
How do you know the writer of that book is not, as you describe it, 'spinning'?

Basically it's a matter of hearsay and who you choose to trust. I see no reason for Roddenberry to lie. He has every reason to keep the network execs on his side, and lying would not achieve this.
I see no reason for Roddenberry to steal half of Alexander Courage's royalties for the theme music, either, but that's what he did.

He also created the IDIC pendant so he could have something new to sell from Lincoln Enterprises, then thought up some way to work it into the series.

He rewrote MANY scripts other writers had done first, just so he could grab royalties and fees from them.

He was banging Nichelle Nichols from before the series started, all the way through the end of the series, even while he was married to his first wife, and then Majel.

Roddenberry created a great series, but he was a VERY flawed human being.
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