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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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The point of this is that it is absurd to make all encompassing statements that the 'younger generation' will all just sit back and let this movie teethe them like babies who love bombast because its bright and colorful.
You're very good at putting words in people's mouths.

There really is no middle ground with you, is there? You hated this movie, and you know people who hated this movie, therefore it is obviously terrible and everybody who does like it is clearly a retarded infant.

On the flip side, I know plenty of people who thought this movie was great. They weren't going in to be intellectually stimulated. They were going into it to be entertained. That's what movies are for. They are entertainment.

You know a lot of people who like TOS and TNG. I know a lot of people who think they're boring and cheesy. Neither group is wrong. It's just their opinion.
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