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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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The scene between Imposter spock and Imposter kirk in which kirk apparently provokes spock so easily is pathetic, and an insult to even average intelligences.
The guy not only just had his entire species wiped out, he also got to watch his mom die. Why exactly wouldn't he be easy to piss off?
The fact that the writers ask you to suspend disbelief in the face of kirk being promoted so easily to the captaincy should, logically speaking, make you laugh at them. But instead you suck it up like it's candy. Because star trek never set any precedent that takes its command structure seriously, really?
How many of the other movies don't force you to suspend disbelief? The only difference is that you don't like this movie, so of course this particular case is going to be a Big Fucking Deal (TM) compared to the others.

Star trek used viable scientific principles based on relativity, quantum mechanics, string theory, holography, etc.

How can anyone in their right mind contest that that version of trek is far more scientifically defined than this one?
I certainly won't try to pretend the new movie is good material to base a scientific paper off of. But when you look at the other scientific made-up crap that fills the other 10 movies and 5 series, I think this movie fits in just fine.
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