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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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Other than shooting down the wild assertions of trek_futurist, this thread had little entertainment value.
I'm impressed at how long it's gone on without actually accomplishing anything.
I won't make any bones about it... I'm just taking the piss out of this thread. This thread really isn't going anywhere I'm just getting my jollies out of being an uncooperative ass now.
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Because they wanted to milk the name some more. And because they are not as talented as some of you are led to believe. Their writing sucks.
Why would they want to milk this particular name some more? Trek was dying. The TV shows were failing, the last movie bombed insanely badly. Why, in the wide, wide world of sports would they want to try and milk a cow that's been sucked dry? If this was just about milking a name, this was a horribly risky route to go.

And for your information most of the people I know who are my age or younger, even teenagers, who are star trek fans are not turned onto star trek by this 2009 travesty. They are turned onto it by having an internet connection and netflix and watching TOS and TNG.

Stop insulting the intelligence of the young. It's unbecoming. And it's what JJ and bob orci did with this garbage movie.
So? Based on one of your previous posts, you and I are more or less the same age.... at most, a year's difference in one direction or the other. I started off on the previous stuff as well, and I enjoyed them. And I enjoyed this movie. The few friends I had of my age who also liked Star Trek all mostly enjoyed the new movie. I also had several friends get into Star Trek because of the new movie.

Don't make assumptions about the young. It's unbecoming.
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