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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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However it came about, Trek's racial toerance message is a powerful one - and it's one that Star Trek '09 encapulates better than any Star Trek has before!
Complete and utter non-sense.

It makes Uhura look like a whore and minimizes sulu's role down to virtually nothing.

TNG, DS9 and VOY exemplified racial diversity a lot better.

It's one thing to like the movie for being a special effects extravaganza, but to be snow blinded into this misconception is just ridiculous.
Uhura was the third lead. More important than McCoy in that story. She had more to do that film than the entire run of TOS and Six movies. No other show or movie has has a black woman that important and prominent in the cast or story. Not sure why you would call her a "whore". She was shown to be a intelligent, forceful and highly competent officer. Let me guess, her being in a relationship Spock translates to "whore" in your worldview.

Sulu's role was pretty much what is always is. He drives the ship Plus, he got a nice fight scene with the Romulans.
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