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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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re Roddenberry fighting to have a multi-ethnic cast on Star Trek.

Since this keeps coming up time and time again, I feel it's time to just reproduce the full text of the 1965 (before the series was greenlit) NBC memo that illustrates that Roddenberry had to do no such thing.

Here it is, emphasis mine:

August 17, 1965

Mr. Gene Roddenberry
Hollywood, Calif.

Dear Gene:

Census figures, in the mid-1960s, indicate that one American in every eight is non-white. It is reasonable to assume that this percentage also applies to the television audience.

I choose this statistic to call to your attention once again to NBC's longstanding policy of non-discrimination. Our efforts in the past to assure the fact that the programs broadcast on our facilities are a natural reflection of the role of minorities in American life have met with substantial success. I would like to congratulate those producers who have extended themselves in this regard and I invite all of our creative associates to join us in an even greater effort to meet this fact of American life.

NBC's employment policy has long dictated that there can be no discrimination because of race, creed, religion or national origin and this applies in all of out operations. In addition, since we are mindful of our vast audience and the extent to which television influences taste and attitudes, we are not only anxious but determined that members of minority groups be treated in a manner consistent with their role in society. While this applies to all racial minorities, obviously the principle reference is to the casting and depiction of Negroes. Our purpose is to assure that in our medium, and within the permissive framework of dramatic license, we present a reasonable reflection of contemporary society.

We urge producers to cast Negroes, subject to their availability and competence as performs, as people who are an integral segment of the population, as well as in those roles where the fact of their minority status is of significance. An earnest attempt has been made to see that their presence contributes to an honest and natural reflection of places, situations and events, and we desire to intensify and extend this effort.

We believe that NBC's pursuit of this police is pre-eminent in the broadcasting industry. It is evident in both the daytime and nighttime schedules and particularly in such popular programs as I SPY, THE ANDY WILLIAMS SHOW, THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E., RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, and many other presentations. While we have made noticeable progress we can do better, and I ask you for your cooperation and help.


[Programs Vice President]

* As reproduced on pages 7677 of the book Inside Star Trek by Herbert F. Solow and Robert H. Justman, 1996 by Pocket Books
All that sounds like code for 'please continue showing black women as maid's and black men as servants'.

Especially all the stuff about how imperative it is to show black people in a way that is 'reflective of their role in society'. At that time, their perceived role in society was as servants and maid's.

Muhammad ali did more for black americans at that time than these TV executives did.
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