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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Wesley decides to tell the truth about the incident instead of sticking by his friends and remaining silent. The moral seems to be that the duty to tell the truth is more important than loyalty to your friends. As a normal person, that doesn't really appeal to me and it made me dislike Wesley even more. If he'd kept his mouth shut, they all would have stayed at Starfleet Academy no problem, but he opened his mouth which nearly led to the expulsion of all four of him. Thankfully LoCarno (aka Tom Paris I) knew what friendship meant and sacrificed himself to save the other 3 INCLUDING Wesley who just betrayed him. I nearly included it in my top 30 Star Trek episodes but when I was editing the video (to be uploaded to youtube soon), I remembered how much I hated the ending so Deadlock took its place!
Last I checked Wesley wasn't drinking Hennessey with "Thug Life" tattooed on his belly.
Seriously, I think you have Trek confused with HBO's "Pimps Up, Ho's Down"?
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