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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

Seeing as Sisko essentially died, would Starfleet even have any way to force him to return? If he were declared dead then any agreement he had would be null and void. Besides, he'd just saved the Alpha Quadrant, the wormhole and Bajor. A little R&R was called for, especially with the arrival of his daughter.

With Kira we went from her being persona non grata with her faith to being a member of the clergy. It's like she's a ball in a pinball machine and just being bopped from one place to the other. "She's out! She's in! She's Captain! She's resigned!" How long until we get "She's back"?

The closest I could see a male character in a similar situation would be Worf. Named ambassador at the end of DS9 he was in a few books and then right back to Starfleet and the Enterprise. Ambassador Worf was an interesting take on the character and it would have been interesting to see where he would go but in the end his path took him right back to where he'd been a decade earlier.

I would imagine that something similar is in store for Sisko, going through some sort of trial and ending up back with Kassidy and perhaps on Bajor or DS9. I'd be much more interested in seeing Sisko go through a Heart of Darkness type story. His whole life he's been controlled by the aliens in the wormhole. He's now at the point where, rather than fight the prophesy he's embracing it. What happens to a man when he turns over control of his life to some prophecies written thousands of years ago? What happens when you realize that your life is not your own and never has been?
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