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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

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Sorry that you found that insulting. Perhaps I should have phrased it differently. However, I have found that female characters tend to come across worse with male writers and not just in Trek. Not all writers and not all characters. But the scales are not balanced in my eyes. I'm not saying it's intentional.
I just don't think the evidence bears that assertion out where Trek Lit is concerned. There are certainly places where it is a justifiable accusation (including DC Comics' recent reboot, so it would seem), but I don't think that applies here. I think the men and women alike who write Trek Lit are equally dedicated to portraying effective characters of both sexes (and then some). And I think you're cherrypicking your evidence to support a highly counterfactual thesis.

Sisko "died" at the end of DS9 and Avery Brooks had the line that he would return inserted into his farewell scene with Kassidy so that he wouldn't be seen as an absentee father as so many African-American men are portrayed. His return was pretty much set at that point.
Which has nothing to do with what we're talking about, since after he returned in Unity, he continued to live as a family man on Bajor while Kira still commanded the station.

Kira carried on as commander of DS9 but then something happened and she walked away and joined a religious order. We don't even know why she did. We're just supposed to accept that she did.
And why you'd assume that story decision has anything at all to do with her gender is beyond me. By your own admission, we don't know why it happened, so why would you assume that reason?

And no, we're not "just supposed to accept" it. Rough Beasts of Empire was the first story in the new phase of DS9 fiction. As the just-released working cover for Plagues of Night shows, it's certainly not the last. The lingering questions about the changes in Kira's life -- as well as changes in the lives of several other characters of both sexes -- will presumably be explored further in upcoming books.
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