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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

Sorry that you found that insulting. Perhaps I should have phrased it differently. However, I have found that female characters tend to come across worse with male writers and not just in Trek. Not all writers and not all characters. But the scales are not balanced in my eyes. I'm not saying it's intentional.

Sisko "died" at the end of DS9 and Avery Brooks had the line that he would return inserted into his farewell scene with Kassidy so that he wouldn't be seen as an absentee father as so many African-American men are portrayed. His return was pretty much set at that point. Kira carried on as commander of DS9 but then something happened and she walked away and joined a religious order. We don't even know why she did. We're just supposed to accept that she did.

It's good to hear that the crew of TNG has settled down. I haven't ready any post Destiny other than the Typhon Pact books and Losing the Peace. I'd lost interest in the characters. Perhaps I'll check them out again.
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