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Re: American Horror Story Discussion (Spoilers)

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I'm not sure whether they've written themselves into a corner or not...they can't introduce a new family to the house as major characters because they have too many major characters to handle now, and killing them all means they've all got job security.

The ideal solution is for Billie Dean to move into the house and run her psychic reality show out of there. A Ghost Hunters show that has real ghosts! SyFy would be green with envy.

I didn't quite figure out the conversation between Nora and Vivien - too much mumbling - was the upshot that Ben's son survived? The whole Xmas tableau with the happy family and the tree suggests that the kid is the Second Coming, and that the direction for the show will be to have Satanbaby fight Jesusbaby for dominion of the world. That certainly has some entertaining and loopy possibilities for S2.

(I just took a peek at Joe Washington's spoiler link - uh, I think the showrunners might be making a big fat mistake there - this could turn out to be one of those cases of a show that has a solid first season and then goes straight to hell, in this case both metaphorically and otherwise.)

Here's another article with a bit more information...

While it is a big gamble, I actually think this could be pretty cool. This is essentially what Heroes should have done right? Maybe not the part with the same actors playing different characters.
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