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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

195. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 (C+)
196. Reel Injun (B+)
197. Hannah (B)

Harry Potter 7.5: This suffers from the same problem as the previous film in the series -- it's only half a movie. Many of the characters aren't around to do anything other than show up and quickly die -- even Snape is barely in the movie before his big death scene. Considering how long the end credits were (12 minutes), this could have easily been combined with the last film to create a 4-hour movie, but Warner Bros. wanted the extra income, I suppose. Hopefully they'll edit the two together at some point on home video, because as they stand, neither really works as a complete film.

I should confess that I stopped reading the books years ago, at number three, so I hadn't read the epilogue before, though I had heard about it. Besides a look of respect between Draco and Harry, it adds nothing of value to the story. On top of that, the halfhearted attempt at old age make-up on all the regulars is awful. And while we're on the subject of awful work, the dragon CGI at the beginning was some of the worst CGI I've seen in a movie this big in a while.

Reel Injun: This film works as an introduction to issues of American Indian depiction in Hollywood, but it's not long enough to discuss things in depth. Mostly, it manages to explain the major stereotypes, and why they're problematic. Besides being constrained by the running time, the only real flaw is the narration, which takes itself a little too seriously at times. I'd like to see a longer series tackle the topic, with more people offering their viewpoint, and more in-depth analysis of films (a few are discussed closely, like Stagecoach and Dances with Wolves, but most just appear as brief clips).

Hannah: Technically, this movie has a few excellent examples of the long take (quickly becoming a signature of director Joe Wright), but I wasn't blown away by the movie. It's certainly a more than competently made action film (few and far between these days), but the story is rather straight-forward, and the twist at the end didn't catch me off-guard like it did some critics.

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