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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

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They may have win the battle but lost a war. Many Voyager fans refused to read trek lit after Before Dishonor. Maybe the publicity helped the one book, but it didn't help subsequent books. There were many trek readers who wouldn't read voyager because they hate voyager, now you have voyager fanatics who won't read voyager...
But, as many of them admitted here before, they didn't read Janeway in any of the licensed tie-ins before (except "Mosaic"). Like the TOS fans who got off on Kirk/Spock relationships began to write, publish and buy slash fanzines when they couldn't find enough homoerotic scenes in canonical TOS and movies and licensed tie-ins, the so-called "Janeway fans" touted that they much preferred their own online fanfics to the way Pocket (and Paramount) had always mistreated their heroine. Of those angry people we met here several times, only a few had read VOY novels in the past when they announced their boycott on non-Janeway VOY novels.

despite the quality of Beyer's work and her working with the hand she was dealt. The gain was not greater than the loss.
Sales must be up, though, 'cos Kirsten keeps being contracted for more, more, more!

Not sure how people reacted to Spock dying.
Just Google it, but ST II was assumed to be the last ST movie at the time, some fans went into deep mourning - and, not that long after, we got one, then two sequels out of it and several decades of new ST. Leonard Nimoy himself launched a new profile as a movie director and even wrote "I Am Spock", almost retracting his previous autobiography, "I Am Not Spock".
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