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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

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Angering those Janeway addicts was a REALLY dumb move.
It garnered lots of free viral publicity. A handful of angry fans, telling anyone who'd listen that they were angry, is worth latinum. The average ST fan is probably not swayed to hate something just because other people hate it. I imagine the fuss sold a lot of books.

Marketing people often say that any publicity is good publicity. Better a book polarise its readership than merely sit there, neither popular or unpopular.
They may have win the battle but lost a war. Many Voyager fans refused to read trek lit after Before Dishonor. Maybe the publicity helped the one book, but it didn't help subsequent books. There were many trek readers who wouldn't read voyager because they hate voyager, now you have voyager fanatics who won't read voyager despite the quality of Beyer's work and her working with the hand she was dealt. The gain was not greater than the loss.

Killing off main characters just pisses off fans. It was true of Kirk, Data, and Trip. Not sure how people reacted to Spock dying.
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