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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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I never claimed there is no action or violence in "The Cage", I merely repeated what the NBC folks said, that it was too cerebral for them. It has typical 50s/60s sci-fi features like an underlying psychoanalytical theme. "Where No Man has Gone Before" on the other hand leans more towards the action and less towards the sci-fi angle.

By the way, linking to Trekcore images does not work for a good reason.
No, you're repeating what GR claimed NBC folks said. Justman and Solow paint a different picture. They claim that "cerebral" was networkspeak for sex not violence. Not surprising since Americans find a naked breast more offensive than an exploding head.

Sorry but many, if not most of 50s/60s scific were the Michael Bay films of the day. Some just played on Red Scare/Nuclear War paranoia.

WNMHGB is hardly action packed. Most of the action happens in the final act. Prior that it's talking heads with the crew debating what to do about Gary, while Gary grows more powerful and crazy. A fair amount of "psychoanalytical themes" too. Power corrupts. The price of friendship. A bit a "sophie's choice" as well.

Not sure what your comment about Trek Core means.

ETA: How can a guy gaining vast godlike psi-powers be "less Sci-Fi???"

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