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Re: American Horror Story Discussion (Spoilers)

I guess I wasn't thinking that was an issue, that it matters whether the kid died in the womb or out of it, since either way, he's in the house.

That just makes the existence of the second twin pointless - the entire season is just an exercise in pointlessness. All they did is to hire an engaging cast to enact a bunch of sensationalistic plot twists to keep the audience from changing the channel but that ultimately added up to nothing.

The kid's a ghost baby, they're all dead, the Harmons haven't solved any of their issues that they had at the beginning, unless the message is that death solves everything. Wow, lazy.

Now I know why people were warning me when the season began that these writers have a bad reputation from Nip/Tuck. They didn't really tell a story at all. They just took a premise and ran it into the ground. This isn't a TV series, it's a con game.

So, any speculation about this?

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