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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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Nothing about featuring former and contemporary enemies, Japanese and Russians, in this letter.
You cannot claim that the progressive ideas of Trek came out of one of these studio heads who considered "The Cage" to be too cerebral and wanted Trek to be more of a space western.
Pretty sure the "cerebral" thing is a bit of a myth as well. The pilot was well received by the executives. They did have problems with some of the casting (Like GR casting his then mistress) and the character of Spock. Who, ironically would be the shows break out character.
Just compare the two pilots, "The Cage" is a classical 50s/60s style sci-fi story whereas "Where No Man Has Gone Before" features the Western elements the studio demands.
Do you have evidence the studio demand "Western elements". The show was pitched by GR as "Wagon Train to the stars. Wagon Train being a popular western. It was conceived as a "space western" from the start. What were the "Western elements" in WNMHGB? It seems as "cerebral" as The Cage. Both involve antagonists with mind powers. Both explore how great powers impact people. The friend goes power mad element in WNMHGB is universal and not unique to Westerns. I'd say the plot of WNMHGB would be more at home on The Twilight Zone or Outer Limits than Bonanza or Gunsmoke.
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