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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

And my personal feeling is people die, so get used to it. I think I was angrier when Dash Rendar was killed in Shadows of the Empire because it was meaningless and it was like, where did he go? He must have been killed in the explosion. Just as people (especially soldiers) die in reality and we have to get used to and learn to cope, we have to face death with fictional friends and heroes.

However, killing characters to generate controversy which will hopefully generate interest is stupid and just doesn't work. All of us who don't care about Janeway will keep reading but those Janeway fanatics and teenage girls who idolized Janeway now feel insulted by the franchise, killing off the progressive female captain. Can you blane them? Many didn't like what DRG III did with Sisko or Kirk's death in Generations.

Did Janeway's death help the franchise, not affect it, or hurt it? I think it hurt it by driving away fans who now refuse to buy books. Are they being stupid and missing out some great works by Kristen Beyer? Yes. Should the editors have expected that and not made the bonehead move? Also yes.
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