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Re: "The Voyager Conspiracy" Line by Line

SEVEN: Stardate 51008, Captain Janeway allows Kes to leave Voyager. Neelix told me that Kes had suspicions about the Caretaker. Was the Captain trying to silence her? Stardate 51462, the Doctor's programme is transmitted to a Starfleet vessel on the outskirts of the Alpha quadrant. An attempt by the Captain to contact Earth or a secret communiqué informing Starfleet of her progress? Stardate 50984, Janeway forges an alliance with the Borg. Stardate 51762, a cease-fire with the Hirogen. Stardate 52861, a non-aggression pact with the Terkellians. She called each incident diplomacy. I believe she was trying to establish a tactical infrastructure in the Delta quadrant. Over the past five years Captain Janeway has altered course two hundred sixty three times in the name of exploration. In reality she was mapping the region and collecting strategic data regarding-
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