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Re: "The Voyager Conspiracy" Line by Line

Seven: I Can. Neither phasers nor torpedoes are capable of creating a tear in subspace, a Tricobalt Device is. As Tuvok detonated the device, a cloaked ship locked onto one of the Array's Tetryon Reactors and pushed it through the tear into subspace, protecting it from the blast and hiding it from Voyager's sensors. But the Captain and Tuvok knew exactly where it was going. Once Voyager left the area, the reactor was retrieved and began a similar journey, carried by a series of vessels until it was finally delivered to Mister Tash.

Here's my problem with Chakotay going along with Sevens paranoia, "A series of Vessels?" There's no evidence of that. She just pulled that out of the clear blue sky, Chakotay, why didn't notice?
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