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Re: American Horror Story Discussion (Spoilers)

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It's amazing that the family found more happiness in their ghost lives than they did in their regular lives.

I applaud Ben for confronting Tate with his crap.
Agreed, especial ly when gathered around the Christmas tree. It was a Hallmark moment in a creepy kind of way. I do believe Tate was sincere when he apologized to Ben, out of love for Violet.

I was kinda sorry to see Ben die, but that was the only way he could be reunited with Vivien and Violet. WTF with the Ramos family? It's pronounced "Rah-mos" not "Ray-mos." And Mr. Ramos was obviously Filipino, not Spanish. I'm glad they left the house as soon as they came because they wouldn't have worked out in the long run. Not bad for a season finale.

So this is the direction the new season is going. Constance raises Evil Kid. The Harmons stay in the house, and the stories will still be from their perspective, except now they're ghosts.
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