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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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Not the point I was making. Once again, you've sidestepped to something tangentially related just so you can show how much a better trekkie you are than the rest of us. I was talking about the idea that all conflict and hardship would be squeezed out of humanity. Hardship defines us. Without it, we're meat vegetables. It's moral and ethical, not economical.
You need to first define hardship.

If by hardship, you are referring to basic human limitations, then there will always be some limits, albeit slimmer as time and technology (especially medical technology) advances.

But then there is absolutely no reason to eschew our further evolution either. There is no reason why we cannot adapt to a life of less hardship, especially if our libidos are focusing their energies elsewhere, such as in the maintenance of technology, the charting of star systems, the diplomacy of burgeoning species.
That's nice.

How does liking ST09 not make someone a real Star Trek fan?
Because it doesn't make treksense.
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