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Re: Star Trek: Typhon Pact: The Struggle Within (ebook) review thread

That's very true about Picard; now that I think about it, this was actually a very sensitive operation (as Jasminder correctly points out) that Picard doesn't actually need to know about. I do suppose that this is one drawback of the short format; it's harder to communicate the gravity of this mission (compared to, say, Bashir's mission in Zero Sum Game).

On another note, I really liked the scene between Crusher and Jono where she takes responsibility for the allegations of abuse. Though I think she was perhaps being just a touch overly self-critical for the purposes of gaining Jono's trust, it was a really nice reframing of the Federation vs. Talarian cultural conflict, moving it away from Picard vs. Jono/Endar, and back to what it really was: everyone looking out for what they perceived (correctly or not) as Jono's best interests.

Also really liked the retconning of smooth headed Romulans as being specifically working class from colony worlds. I assume this was a reference to Nero "having lived a life of honest labor." That's the sort of thinking that reminds us that Trek "inconsistencies" are often just story ideas in disguise. Also appreciated the incorporating of Countdown's explanation of Nero et al.'s tattoos. Nice touches.

As I said, really quite enjoyed this work and hope to get to see more like it.
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