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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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So no one read Buffy Season Nine #4? I thought it was the best issue so far as I indicated above.
I did, a few days ago, just was really busy till yesterday so I forgot to comment.
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Finished reading issue four and this felt like a November sweeps type episode Fascinating developments in this one. Severin looks like he's just a pawn in a much larger plan. One of the people who was teased in season eight's finale showed up at the end. Buffy is no longer on the most wanted list. I am loving Spike in this series. The problems I had at the start of the season have slowly started to diminish as we continue to progress onwards and upwards. I think Joss and Scott have something big planned in mind. Something we're not quite able to see...maybe not as huge as Twilight but close.
I think that two people teased in the last season finale were here, since Severin seems to be the guy with the glasses from #40.

I'm not sure what to think about Dawn and Xander. They have this tired, almost indifferent attitude of the "Oh god, Buffy's gotten herself into trouble again, must be Tuesday" type with more annoyance than concern. (Though at least Dawn called Willow... while Xander's first thought was that he would have to pay the bail. They didn't seem to realize what kind of trouble Buffy was in, but that was before Spike texted everyone about the Siphon.)

On the other hand, Willow and Buffy finally had a nice friendly conversation when Willow came to comfort her and drive her home. Buffy promised Willow "we'll figure it out", which seemed like a promise that they'll find a way to bring the magic back.

A lot of the issue was about action, but there were a few heartwarming character moments, like the above mention Buffy/Willow stuff; and the most emotional panels in the issue were the ones when Spike and Buffy were both being drained and looking at each other and Buffy was saying "Spike... Don't..." I predicted something like that would happen - and it was foreshadowed in #2 when Buffy wondered what a world without the supernatural would be like, and Spike said Buffy would be less fun (i.e. would be an ordinary girl) and he would be dead. I just didn't think Severin would turn bad that quickly - or rather, that he was already a bad guy. I thought it would be more like Faith in season 3, first a partner in slaying, then he turns to the dark side.

At least Buffy realized now that she doesn't really want to lose her powers. At the end of #2, she seemed happy with the idea that Severin might put her out of her "job".

Lucky for Spike and Koh and her - especially for Spike, since he was going to lose his life, not just his powers - that Dowling had enough sense to not listen to Spike and Koh and didn't stay away. They should realize that superpowers don't always work, and that a gun really is the best weapon in some cases. But in their defense, they didn't know that Severin was human and probably thought that he was some magical being who can't be killed with bullets - but still, too many assumptions. I love the fact that a non-superpowered human saved them with a weapon that humans use. (It's kind of like the flip side of Seeing Red, where we saw how much damage an ordinary human with a gun can do in Buffy's world.) I'm glad that Spike didn't get to save Buffy, because I think that bodes much better for the ship; having Buffy hook up with a guy who's saved her would be too gender-stereotypical for BtVS.

Spike's little conversation with Koh seems aimed at revealing a bit of his feelings and establishing where he stands regarding Buffy, before the comics gets into some more serious interaction between them. So Spike thinks Buffy needs someone "normal". Shouldn't Buffy be the one to say what she needs or wants? I suppose he could have misinterpreted her dissatisfaction with her life as a Slayer and her musings on what it would be like to be a normal girl who doesn't have to slay vampires every night. Buffy's definition of normal life doesn't necessarily mean "having a human boyfriend" and never did. As in season 2 What's My Line when she was telling Angel she would like to be a normal girl, but didn't see a problem with him being a vampire ("I wish we could be normal kids").

But how is she going to tell him anything if he runs away before they could even talk, as he does in this issue? I hope we get to see a bit more about what Buffy is feeling, even if Spike doesn't;

BTW this is the second time that Spike has almost gotten himself killed by trying to help Buffy against a super-powerful opponent (#39 and now #4). And they haven't still had a proper conversation about the elephant in the room, his death in the Hellmouth (and his resurrection and why he didn't call her and how she found out and why neither of them contacted the other).

Koh seems to be becoming the Worf/D'Argo of BtVS, very much the "noble alien warrior" type (with a bumpy forehead).

So what does Simone want? She could just shoot Buffy with a gun, like she did with the general. I guess maybe she wants her to suffer, to lose her powers and, as she said, the annoying idea she's doing good (but how would she make her feel that way?). She seems to be the dominant one in their partnership.

Severin said he needed her to charge him up, and she said she needs her powers intact now so she could face Buffy - this should mean he has drawn some of the power from her before? But if that's the case, why did he feel that Buffy's power felt different to what he was used to?

So Buffy's out of trouble with the police, but it's still not clear what the police's policy on killing vampires is. Strictly speaking, before trying to drain Buffy, Severin wasn't doing anything she wasn't doing - except that he was leaving a trail of dead bodies behind, while she just stakes them and they go poof. Surely it can't be a crime only if there's a dead body, because in this case, that's stupid and would mean that Buffy isn't in trouble only for the lack of evidence. Or if killing vampires isn't considered a crime... what exactly are they going to charge Severin with?

More trouble awaits Buffy at home, since Anaheed and Tumble now know that she's a Slayer... as does everyone who's watched the news report and didn't forget about it.
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